Conference Presentations

“‘A Heart Full of Numbers and Cold Formulae’: Science Run Amok in Amiri Baraka’s A Black Mass. Midwest Modern Language Association

“‘You Take Blood, You Give Blood’: Absurdity and Visual Meaning in Marita Bonner’s The Purple Flower.” Midwest Modern Language Association

“A Black Radical Theatre in New Orleans: The Free Southern Theatre and Urban Fear.” Midwest Modern Language Association, Detroit, MI, November 2014.

“The Political Blues: Langston Hughes’ Radical Poetics.” Midwest Modern Language Association, Milwaukee, WI, November 2013.

“Radical Rites: Ed Bullins and the Black Arts Movement Ritual Theater.” Mid-America Theatre Conference. St. Louis, MO, March 2013.

“Interiority and the Pure Relationship in the Plays of August Wilson.”  The August Wilson Conference: The Second Half of the Cycle.  Lexington, KY, April 2008.

“The Philadelphia [Harlem] Story: Langston Hughes’ Screwy Play Little Ham.”  Mid-America Theatre Conference.  Kansas City, MO, Feb/March 2008.

“A Stranger’s Just a Friend You Haven’t Met: Genre, Modern Drama, and Psychology as Sung by The Simpsons.”  The Annual Midwestern Conference on Literature, Language and Media.  DeKalb, IL, March 2007.

“The Philadelphia [Harlem] Story: Langston Hughes’ Screwy Play Little Ham.”  The New Directions in African American Literature, Theory, and Cultural Studies Conference.  Bloomington, IN, April 2006.

“‘Hubble-bubble, swarm and chaos’: Cinema, Literary Modernism and the Benjamin-Adorno Debate.”  The Annual Conference of the Literature/Film Association.  Carlisle, PA, October 2005.

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