About Me

Currently, I am employed as a Digital Learning Manager in higher education. Originally from Massachusetts, I now live in the South Carolina Upstate with my husband Brian and our animal companions Riesling the cat, Adrian the cat, and Roxy the dog.

Formerly, I was a Visiting Assistant Professor of English in Indiana, I specialized in African American literature (particularly drama) and 20th century American fiction.

I completed my PhD in English at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN. My dissertation,“This is Harlem Speaking Now”: The Cultural Politics of Vernacular and Twentieth Century African American Agitprop Theater examined the use of African American Vernacular English (AAVE) in Black drama of the 20th century and its political effects. Part of my ongoing research includes study of under-examined plays and the way these texts shaped culture and language in the 20th century. My work has been published in Modern DramaThe Journal of Dramatic Theory & CriticismTheatre Survey, and other publications.

Now, I write about whatever the heck I please!

Please note: the opinions expressed in this blog belong solely to the author, no one else.

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