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Towards a Theory of Novelizing

Earlier this week, I listened to this fascinating piece from an April edition of On the Media: It discusses media tie in novels, focusing on what we more often refer to as “novelizations” of feature films. You know, the book … Continue reading

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And So it Begins

Fall 2016, that is. Classes at my university start on Monday, but I don’t have a face to face (F2F) class meeting until Tuesday. As I often do, I am teaching 2 sections of my course load F2F, and 2 … Continue reading

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Olympic Feminism

On the heels of my recent piece about intersectionality, I’m thinking a lot about Black feminism this week. African American women have been spectacular at this year’s Olympics in Rio, and their strength has been legendary. I wanted to highlight … Continue reading

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Grind & Rewind

I’ve been having a lot of trouble preparing a blog post for this week. There have been some interesting things happening in the news, but I haven’t found anything that really struck me as fascinating or blog worthy. Nothing has … Continue reading

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Intersectionality Required

You may have seen this editorial cartoon making the rounds after Hillary Clinton’s historic nomination last week: 2016 cartoon by Kevin Necessary, Scripps Media. It features three panels, one with a white boy, one with a black boy, and one with … Continue reading

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