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Organizational Cultures – a Matter of Life and Death Part II

For Part I, read here Last time, I was discussing the lessons that could be learned and applied from organizational problems at NASA and its contractors which led to the Challenger (and Columbia) disaster. This post builds off of some … Continue reading

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Organizational Cultures – a Matter of Life & Death Part I

For a few years, I’ve been interested in the formation, sustaining, and analysis of organizational culture. This refers to the ways in which organizations – be they corporations, universities, government agencies, charities, etc – operate. This operation necessarily includes both … Continue reading

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Is Athleticism a Language?

I’ve become fond of the All or Nothing series that airs on Amazon Prime each summer. For the first two years, it was an inside look, documentary-style of an NFL team, from the draft through the end of the football season. … Continue reading

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Summer Update

We are at the tail end of July, and as usual, I haven’t completed nearly enough work over the summer break. The fact that I and so many other academics constantly worry about their productivity over what is ostensibly vacation … Continue reading

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Booker T. Washington Checks Out of a Hotel…

1903 was a particularly difficult year for African Americans, as described in Douglas Blackmon’s book, Slavery by Another Name: The Re-Enslavement of Black Americans from the Civil War to World War II. In that year alone, at least 85 African Americans were … Continue reading

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Confronting Tokenism in the Syllabus

With the news that heretofore widely beloved author Sherman Alexie is apparently a real monster who has preyed on women–particularly Native women–and threatened to ruin the careers of anyone who reported his sexual harassment, I had to confront my own … Continue reading

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Critical Thinking & Source Evaluation: It’s Sexier Than You Might Think!

First, let me say that it has been a real struggle this semester, and I have pushed blogging way down my “next actions” list. I should be committing to write here much more, and I intend to get back on … Continue reading

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2017 Reading List

Happy New Year! We are officially in 2018. I find New Year’s Eve/Day to be a bit of a downer holiday. Celebrating the onward march of time can be a little depressing, but mainly as an academic, January is hardly … Continue reading

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A Twitterary Approach to Poetry

Sometime earlier this year, William Carlos Williams’ poem “This is Just to Say” became something of a phenomenon on Twitter. The 1934 poem, simple in its Imagist style, is now a funny meme, getting remixed, reinterpreted, and set to music … Continue reading

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What Does Conservative Theatre Look Like?

I am teaching an upper level elective, American Drama, this semester. My students are about to embark on their final projects, which are “play recovery” projects. The students had to find a lesser-known play they thought could be placed into … Continue reading

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