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White People: We Don’t Need to be Everywhere

This is a post directed at fellow white people – I want to talk a little bit about spaces created expressly for people of color (POC), and why we need to stuff any objections to these kinds of spaces. I … Continue reading

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Daily Writing Achievement Unlocked!

I didn’t make this goal public, but last weekend I determined that I would write 5 blog posts this week, one each day, to jump start my writing habits for the summer. And while making the 5th blog post a … Continue reading

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As an academic, citations are a major part of my work and take up a significant amount of my writing time. There are different styles to adhere to depending on the publication venue for the work, checks and double checks … Continue reading

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What’s a Process? Let’s Experiment.

What is your process for creating whatever it is that you create? What’s my process? Truthfully, I have no clear idea, which might be why I struggle with productivity so much in my career. (Teaching a 4-4 load as a … Continue reading

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Terrace House & the Promise to Work Hard

I’ve been somewhat captivated by the Japanese reality show Terrace House over the past year or so, and its popularity here in the US seems to keep growing. Since a few of the seasons dropped to US Netflix, lots of … Continue reading

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Sending Congress Underground

Did you know that there used to be a giant underground installation that was meant to house all of Congress – the Senate and the House – in the event of a likely Soviet nuclear attack? It was housed underneath … Continue reading

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Enough with the Balloons, Already!

An article about the preparations for this year’s Indianapolis 500 race caught my eye last week. In the story, Indy Star reporters check the claim made by the organizers that the balloons they release every year to celebrate the event … Continue reading

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Organizational Cultures – a Matter of Life and Death Part II

For Part I, read here Last time, I was discussing the lessons that could be learned and applied from organizational problems at NASA and its contractors which led to the Challenger (and Columbia) disaster. This post builds off of some … Continue reading

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Organizational Cultures – a Matter of Life & Death Part I

For a few years, I’ve been interested in the formation, sustaining, and analysis of organizational culture. This refers to the ways in which organizations – be they corporations, universities, government agencies, charities, etc – operate. This operation necessarily includes both … Continue reading

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Is Athleticism a Language?

I’ve become fond of theĀ All or Nothing series that airs on Amazon Prime each summer. For the first two years, it was an inside look, documentary-style of an NFL team, from the draft through the end of the football season. … Continue reading

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