Injured, Probably

This isn’t a real blog update, as I seem to have injured my knee somehow and the discomfort is making it hard to focus. I’m a runner, and I’ve been having some pain issues on and off with my knee. I didn’t think much of it, since I am prone to IT Band Syndrome and my running shoes were on their last tread. I’ve replaced my shoes and made a few other changes, taken some rest days, etc.

But on Friday, something must have gone quite wrong, and now I cannot bend my knee without a remarkable amount of pain. Something has pulled or strained in the back of my knee, and walking normally is impossible. I don’t think it’s the posterior cruciate ligament or anything quite that serious, as I didn’t have an acute incident or hear a “popping” sound at any point.

I am going to try to see a doc as soon as possible this week, so stay tuned until the next real blog post. May your week be injury-free, dear readers!

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