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Spreak in the Archives, Day 1

My campus is (finally) on Spring Break (Spreak) this week, and I am spending much of it far away, in the hills of Western Massachusetts at Smith College for a research trip. I am investigating the papers of the Third … Continue reading

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Book Orders, How Do They Work?

It’s that time of the semester–time to submit my textbook orders for the impossibly far-seeming Fall semester 2017. The pressure to get them in on time is pretty strong, since each department gets a stipend from the book store that … Continue reading

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It’s not “Street Theatre” if you freak out the oppressed

As a scholar of political theatre, I would love nothing more than to see a resurgence of activist drama, agitprop theatre, and street theatre in these times. Because proposals floated by the Trump administration have not been reassuring to artists, scholars, or … Continue reading

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The Renaissance of Angels in America

I regularly teach the American Literature Survey in my department–all three parts of it. My academic expertise technically only covers the last two courses, which at our institution cover 1865-1914 and 1914-present, respectively. (But I actually love teaching the first … Continue reading

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Teaching Angels in America

One of my favorite texts to teach is Tony Kushner’s Angels in America, which comes at the end of my 20th c. American Literature course. I use the text to introduce postmodernism as the last major literary style/genre we study, … Continue reading

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Apres Hamilton, Le Backlash

When a cultural artifact becomes a certified phenomenon, as Hamilton has, the backlash is inevitable. Invariably, someone will shout “I don’t like thing! For reasons!” into the Internet ether, and will gain clicks or infamy for their bold stance against … Continue reading

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Fast Take: Hamilton

Everyone is talking about Hamilton and rightly so. I’ve been listening to the cast recording continuously since it came out, and I bet you have, too. It’s endlessly delighting, incredibly moving, and maintains a strong sense of thematic unity throughout … Continue reading

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OK, Scholars, Let’s Discuss “Formation” (Part I)

After a hiatus, the blog is back. And I, like everyone else, want to talk about Beyoncé’s new song and video, “Formation.” But before I do, I’d ask readers to first read/listen to the following: Yaba Blay’s article about the … Continue reading

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The Book of Mormon and Ritual Theatre

This month, I had the chance to see the outstanding musical The Book of Mormon as it stopped in Louisville on its current national tour. Having long been a fan of Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s television and film work, … Continue reading

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